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Police Leadership Resources, LLC provides training, instruction, and consulting services to law enforcement agencies and other organizations. Utilizing a unique combination of training in personal leadership skills and behavioral science theory, we help build stronger leaders, teams, and organizations. Our services include conference presentations, keynote speaking, a variety of leadership training sessions tailored specifically to the needs of our clients, and specialized program development.

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Barry Reynolds
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Our Vision Statement

We will be a leading voice in the quest to advance the science and art of leadership, and leadership excellence, in law enforcement.

Leadership excellence represents the ultimate individual and collective commitment to achieving the ideals of true police professionalism.

Our success as leaders and police professionals will be determined by those with whom we invest the principle of leadership excellence, and who follow in our footsteps as the next generation of police leaders.

The “secret” of self-made Leadership
Effective leaders are puzzle masters. They create a puzzle picture of the mission for the organization, then they hand a few pieces of the puzzle to each member and show them what the picture would look like if they all put their pieces in the right place.
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"Leadership is about passion, not power. It is about elevating and crediting others, not seeking credit for your self. It is about learning from those around you, not lecturing them. Never in history did a great leader ever say, “I did it myself.”

Barry Reynolds

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