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My name is Barry Reynolds and I am the founder and owner of and Police Leadership Resources. I created this website to promote excellence in law enforcement leadership, and to share my experiences and insight on the role of leadership in the police profession. As a law enforcement veteran with over 30 years of experience in municipal law enforcement, I have had many opportunities to see quality leadership in action, and to see the problems that can develop when strong leadership is absent. As a student of leadership theories with over 15 years experience as a police supervisor, I am convinced that the future of law enforcement as a profession rests squarely on our commitment to the practice of quality leadership.

Along with my professional experience, I hold a Masters of Science Degree in Management and am a graduate of the Law Enforcement Executive Development Institute. I am a certified instructor for the Leadership in Police Organizations Program (LPO) of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and serve as an instructor for the Wisconsin Department of Justice. I am also a college level adjunct instructor for criminal justice and management programs and am an experienced trainer and presenter of police management, leadership, and law enforcement investigative topics.

In addition to teaching and writing about the role of quality leadership in law enforcement, I am also available for consulting, professional conferences, and instructional inquiries. I can be contacted through this website at